About us:

International Relations Academy (IRA) is a Turkish Joint Stock Company established under the provisions of the Turkish Civil Law in Istanbul, Turkey, 2017, in accordance with the following official texts:


Name of the institution:

The name of the institution is "Academy of International Relations". (International Relations Academy) ULUSLARARASI İLİŞKİLER AKADEMİSİ (IRA) This name cannot be changed in any form and will be referred to as "the intuition" only in this official document.


Center of the institution:

The center of the institution is Istanbul, YenniBosna district and its address is Vizyon Park. The institution can establish branches, representative offices and similar institutions inside and outside the country by a decision of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees within the framework of the relevant laws. The authority of these branches, institutions and others shall be determined and the work performed by them, opening and closing them and transferring the address of the institution to another place. the decisions to be executed by the board of directors, the board of trustees.