Master of Political Science and International Relations


The International Relations Academy (IRA) offers a Master’s degree program in political science and international relations in the following disciplines:


First: Discipline of Political Theory & Political Thought

This discipline includes the following sub-disciplines:

 1) Political Theory

2) Political Philosophy

3) Political Ideologies

4) Jewish Political Thought

5) Christian Political Thought

6) Islamic Political Thought


Second: Discipline of Political Systems & Comparative Policies

This discipline includes the following sub-disciplines:

 1) Political Systems

2) Comparative Policies

3) Political Sociology

4) Political Economics

5) Public Policies

6) Public Administration


Third: Discipline of International Relations

This discipline includes the following sub-disciplines:

1) Foreign Policies

2) Diplomatic Systems

3) International Law and International Organizations

4) Strategic and Security Studies

5) Geopolitics

6) International Media

7) International Economy

8) Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

9) International Relations in Islam

These programs are accredited by the American International Theology University (AITU), and the University is responsible for accrediting certificates from relevant US authorities.


Admission & Registration Requirements

1- Filling the admission form of postgraduate studies / PhD.

2- A colored photocopy of the secondary school certificate or its equivalent in different countries.

3- A certified original copy + a certified photocopy of the University certificate (Bachelor degree) in Arabic and English – from an officially recognized university.

4- A recommendation letter from an academic or a researcher whose academic degree is not less than that of an associate professor in the same field in which the student wishes to register.

5- A TOEFL test score of 400 or an IELTS test score of 5, as a requirement for the thesis defense, not for registration. (N.B. Students with a master's degree in English are excluded from this requirement.)

6- A photocopy of the passport + the original (for reference).

7- The student must verify and confirm the accuracy of his/her data.

8- A number of 4 recent personal photos with white background.


Supplementary Requirements

(1) Students who have a Bachelor of Political Science or International Relations are entitled to register directly for the Master's degree without supplementary requirements.

(2) Graduates of faculties or disciplines related to political science and international relations, particularly law, media, economics and management, for example, who are wishing to register must pass an oral examination in a number of subjects determined by IRA.

(3) Graduates of other disciplines will study a number of supplementary subjects as prerequisites before starting the preparation of the graduation thesis, namely:

- Introduction to Political Science

- International Relations

- Political Theory

- Comparative Policies

- Research Methods in Political Science


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