Diploma of Reconstruction

Diploma of Reconstruction

 First: What is this diploma about?

Diploma in Business Administration is a professional diploma, provided by the International Relations Academy (IRA), and accredited by the Sabahattin Zaim University (Turkey). Based on capacity building and the enhancement of expertise and knowledge on issues, objectives, plans, policies and programs for reconstruction in post-disaster or political conflict areas through a number of key axes: access to reconstruction, legal and constitutional reconstruction, Reconstruction of political and administrative institutions, and economic reconstruction, and is presented by a group of academics, experts and specialists from Turkey and the Middle East.

Second: The importance of the diploma:

Reconstruction is a temporary special task in the context of a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable development process. The accumulated strategies and experience indicate the predominance of the physical aspect of the reconstruction process and the provision of associated technical and managerial skills, although the invisible factors are no less important - the dynamics Social, political and institutional - that will shape the process of reconstruction and will result from the end of crises or conflicts and the associated path of returning refugees and displaced persons to their homes.
It is therefore aimed at the importance of looking at post-conflict reconstruction and development processes and their use as an opportunity for the reorganization of the State and affected society and their social, political and economic transformation, and that the promotion of human security lies at the heart of all reconstruction and development activities. A comprehensive context for the search for peace, security and coexistence.

Third: Diploma Curriculum

  •  Reconstruction: Strategies and experiences
  •  Legislative entry points for reconstruction
  •  Political entrances to reconstruction
  •  Administrative Approaches for Reconstruction
  •  Security entrances to reconstruction
  •  Economic entrances to reconstruction

 Forth: Study Program 

The student studies 6 courses, and each course has 10 lectures. 
The duration of the lecture is two hours with a total of 120 teaching hours. 
Lectures are delivered on a regular basis at IRA’s headquarters, and transmitted online to residents outside Turkey. 
There is an online written exam for all students at the end of the program. 
Students obtain an electronic copy of the most important sources of courses.
Teaching methodology: lectures, presentations, assignments, team work, brainstorming, and research project. 
Assessment goes as follows: 20% for attendance and participation, 30% for papers and assignments, and 50% for the final written examination.

Fifth: Registration

- The subscription fee is U.S. $500 payable upon registration.
 - Registration link is here

Sixth: Public Relations and Marketing

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